#9: The Yoga Nomads on Escaping Corporate America

Photo caption: The Yoga Nomads

Photo caption: The Yoga Nomads

“Think less, feel more.”

Anne Rapp and Brandon Quittem (@theyoganomads) were tired of feeling like cattle being herded into a life they didn’t want. Working in “Corporate America” left them feeling unfulfilled, stressed, and dissatisfied.

The two first met during a week-long on-boarding session at Oracle for new software sales reps. They were paired together for a training exercise, but blew off the assignment to talk about travel. (Do you sense any foreshadowing here?)

The duo eventually became a couple and had also begun a deep dive into yoga. Over the next several months, yoga provided Anne and Brandon with a high level of clarity and awareness. They became much closer and started to ask themselves significant questions about their lives. These experiences on the mat also offered a stark contrast as to what they were enduring in 9-5 office culture.

With all of this self-discovery swirling about, Anne and Brandon decided to make a change. Cue the good tunes, beer and some Pizza Luce (the Wrangler) at Anne’s Uptown apartment one night, and you have a recipe for The Yoga Nomads.

Not long after this momentous evening, the pair purchased one-way tickets to India and backpacked across Asia for the next year. They blogged about their adventures and became one of the first (if not the first) traveling yoga blog in the world.

Today, the Yoga Nomads seek to empower fellow yoga instructors, specifically how they can turn their passion for yoga into a sustainable business.  Click here for a free gift from The Yoga Nomads.

Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • Breakfast smoothies and healthy eating habits
  • How to make money off a travel blog
  • How Anne and Brandon tag team the business
  • Trade-offs and sacrifices with a traveling lifestyle
  • Tips when attempting to work and travel
  • Helpful travel habits and routines
  • Meditation boot camp (this will blow your mind!)
  • Foraging for mushrooms

Anne and Brandon's favorites related to the twin cities:

Favorite Meal Under $15:

  1. Brandon: United Noodles (the ramen)
  2. Anne: Tao Natural Foods (Avocado plate or sweet potato burrito)

Most Fascinating Person You Know:

  1. Brandon: Mickeli Bedore (CEO of the Bedore Business Group)
  2. Anne: Her Mom (how cute)

Favorite Public Space:

  1. Brandon: Lake of the Isles and Theodore Wirth Park
  2. Anne: Anelace Coffee House

Favorite Annual Event:

  1. Brandon: Basilica Block Party
  2. Anne: Twin Cities Marathon

State of the Union Message:

  1. Brandon: "If more people do what they love, everything will be better."
  2. Anne: "Think less, feel more."