#14: Sit Back and Listen with MPR's Tom Weber

“There’s never going to be another Walter Cronkite, and that’s okay.”

Tom Weber (@webertom1) hosts a daily show on Minnesota Public Radio called MPR News with Tom Weber that focuses on topics and people related to Minnesota.

Tom believes some of the best journalism in history is happening right now, but unfortunately he says we are also experiencing some of the worst. He gives us his take on the future of media and how the industry is currently undergoing a major transformation.

He talks about interviewing high-profile figures and what he sees from his “unique chair.” Tom also dives into the art of the interview and provides some wisdom on how he extracts great answers from his guests.

If you’re looking for some post Presidential election good vibes then listen to Tom’s State of the Union message at the end of our chat where he delivers an uplifting message. 


Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • His love for the Chicago Cubs (FYI...this was recorded before the World Series win)

  • How and when Tom caught the media bug

  • Covering Illinois politics as an intern in Springfield

  • His 3:30 a.m. wake ups when working at St. Louis Public Radio

  • Allowing your lens to be part of the discussion as a media member

  • He mentions Terry Gross, Brian Lerher, David Axelrod, and Ira Glass as interviewers he admires

  • How MPR handled the death of Prince

Tom's favorites related to the twin cities:

Favorite Meal Under $15:

Favorite Public Space:

Favorite Annual Event:

State of the Union Message:

  • "Things are really not that bad. On a fundamental, one-to-one level, people are not monsters."