#6: The Art of Selling Hot Dogs with Nate Beck

Photo credit: Nate Beck

Photo credit: Nate Beck

Nate Beck is the owner of Natedogs, which is a hot dog cart that has been serving up delicious wieners for the past five years in the Twin Cities. In fact, Natedogs' tagline is "quality wieners, MN farms" because Nate acquires his hormone-free dogs from local farms.

He has been dubbed by several local and national publications as “Best Hot Dogs in America” and even listed as one of the “Best Food Trucks in America.”

The professionally trained singer uses his background in the arts to create a unique experience for his customers at the cart that emphasizes one-on-one interactions and will more than likely end in a big bear hug.

Nate talks about the startup stages of the business and shares his process for creating the nostalgic Natedogs brand. He also talks about how he recently sold 1,295 hot dogs in one day during the 2016 Art-a-Whirl event.

He provides a rather convincing and passionate opinion about America’s dependence on ketchup, calling it the “sauce of shame,” and also details a few hilarious customer reactions when they realize he doesn’t offer ketchup. Nate also explores the sometimes ungrateful world of food service and provides us with a few simple reminders for when we dine out. 

Near the end of the interview, Nate tells the story about how he consumed eight foot-long hot dogs in one day at the Minnesota State Fair, which was a mere portion of his food intake for that particular day.  This was truly an epic tale and interview!



Some topics and people mentioned:

NATE's favorites related to the twin cities:

Favorite Meal Under $15: World Street Kitchen (Caramelized Lamb Belly Yum Yum Rice Bowl)

Favorite Public Space: Como Park

Dinner with Famous Twin Cities Person: Stephanie March

Favorite Annual Event: Minnesota State Fair

Most Famous Person to Buy a Hot Dog: Alan Page and Dawes the Band

State of the Union Message: "If you're not investing in people then none of it matters"