#5: Sound Therapy With Frank DiCristina

Frank DiCristina has many abilities when it comes to natural healing, but his bread and butter is sound therapy.

With the use gongs and metal singing bowls, Frank tries to help people who usually view his services as a last resort. They’ve exhausted all other options and look to Frank for some type of relief at the Center for Harmonious Living in Deep Haven, MN.

“When a person comes to me they’re ready,” said Frank.

Frank began his treatments in 2004 and has since been tutored by some of the most well-known leaders in the field such as Slim Spurling, Suren Shrestha and Dr. Mitch Nur. Frank was recently invited to instruct a group of medical professionals about the benefits of sound therapy at the Avera Cancer Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Frank discusses electromagnetic exposure and how the extreme saturation of cell phones, Wi-Fi, laptops, digital signals, etc… can be harmful to our health.  He also dives into his work as a building biologist and how many of the older homes can be negatively affecting a person’s well-being.

All of this is covered during the initial meeting with Frank when new clients arrive for their first visit. He takes a universal approach when trying to help his clients, which is why Frank describes his many areas of expertise as interconnected.

The biggest theme Frank has noticed throughout his many clients is they are not getting enough sleep and relaxation.

WCCO-TV reporter Angela Davis found his work interesting enough that she ran a four-minute long feature story on Frank and his treatment method in December of 2015.


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Favorite Meal Under $15: Andale Taqueria and Mercado

Favorite Public Space: Lake Calhoun

Dinner with Famous Twin Cities Person: Al Franken

State of the Union Message: "Be conscious"