#23: The Opportunity Chaser - Shayla Hoheisel


“I think bucket lists are limiting.”

Shayla Hoheisel (IG: @livingonaoneway) is a world traveler, YouTube video blogger, and entrepreneur, but more importantly she is creating the life she wants for herself. And she wants you to do the same.

The Lakeville, Minn., native caught the travel bug a few years ago and decided to take it up full time. After a few months on the road, her friends and family wanted frequent updates so she started a video blog called Living on a One Way. The blog has now exploded to more than 6,000 YouTube subscribers and is closing in on one million views.

This charismatic nomad details her voyage in a comical and entertaining fashion. Even when Shayla talks about personal issues, her delivery remains light-hearted, but still genuine. 

Equipped with her optimism and gut feelings, Shayla does not hesitate to meet people and create new experiences. She talks about the importance of pushing past her fears and brining a good attitude toward every situation.

Above all, Shayla believes in the power of connecting and networking with people. She actually reached out to me about coming on the podcast ... and I'm glad she did. 


Topics mentioned or discussed:

  • Sitting at different lunch tables in high school

  • Repairing yurts at Burning Man (@BurningMan)
  • Working a surf camp in Costa Rica

  • Selling tacos & cocktails in Puerto Rico

  • Helping refugees in Greece

  • The breast pump & Botox video

  • Three things she looks for when traveling

  • Using Instagram to map her trips

  • Common misconceptions about her

  • She owns a van that lives on the west coast

  • Shayla's Ted Talk


Shayla's Favorites in the Twin Cities

Favorite Meal under $15

  • Giant coffee from Starbucks

Most Fascinating Person You Know:

  • Her sister and nephew

How Would You Describe the Twin Cities

  • “Breweries and music"

State of the Union Message

  • Consciously create the life you want."