#7: Finding Your Voice with Molly Mogren

Photo credit: Molly Mogren

Photo credit: Molly Mogren

“The brain that you have before the moment is different than the brain you have in the moment.”

Handing out sports bar coupons while wearing hot pants and tube socks wasn’t exactly how Molly Mogren pictured her life after college as an entry level marketing professional.

She had aspirations of becoming a food and travel writer, so she quit her demeaning gig and composed a well-crafted e-mail to a local chef named Andrew Zimmern who had just launched a new TV show called Bizarre Foods with the Travel Channel. In the e-mail, Molly detailed her desire to work for Andrew and three weeks later she was on board as an intern. She eventually moved into a full-time role, and the duo collaborated together for eight years, co-authoring books, hosting a podcast and building the Andrew Zimmern brand.

Molly truly appreciated working for her celebrity friend, but there came a time when she needed to come back to her own voice. After reading a quote from former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt that said “Do one thing every day that scares you,” Molly did exactly that for an entire year. She even created a blog called Hey Eleanor!, which detailed her daily experiments that ranged in intensity from skydiving to riding the bus. The blog has morphed into an open journal of sorts, where Molly freely writes about what she experiences, feels, and thinks.

Molly now makes a living as a successful freelance writer, working out of her home and setting her own schedule. She has a strong portfolio of clients and has been tinkering with a few book ideas. If you’re looking to launch a freelance career, this is a must listen.

 At the time of this recording, Molly was “supremely pregnant” and the temperature was 92 degrees, so I’d like to thank her for allowing a strange man (me) into her home and turning off the air conditioner to avoid background noise while we chatted.


Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • Molly's internship with the Minnesota Twins
  • Her daily writing habits and schedule
  • Advice for those looking to start a freelance career
  • The importance of finding adventure in your every day life
  • The power of “no”
  • Her enthusiasm for amateur wrestling


MOLLY's favorites related to the twin cities:

1. Favorite Meal Under $15: Pho Tau Bay (green papaya salad & spring rolls)

2. Most Fascinating Person You Know: Nora McInerny Purmort

3. Favorite Annual Event: WRESTLEPALOOZA

4. How would you describe the Twin Cities to someone who has never been here: "The best place you don't know anything about. If you don't get why it's great here, we don't need you."

5. State of the Union Message: "Be nice to other people and be open-minded."