#13: Medical Cannabis with Dr. Andy Bachman

“We started with a seed and a big dream.”

Dr. Andy Bachman is the CEO/President and Co-Founder of LeafLine Labs, one of just two authorized providers of medical cannabis in the state of Minnesota.

Dr. Bachman is a board-certified physician with more than a decade of emergency room medical experience. It was in the ER that Dr. Bachman saw firsthand the epidemic of opioid misuse in this country. After years of watching addiction and overdose rates soar, Dr. Bachman felt a responsibility to give his beloved Minnesotans an alternative.

In May of 2014, Minnesota became the 22nd state in the nation to legalize medical cannabis, but it was the first state to provide governance under the Office of Medical Cannabis inside the MN Department of Health. According to Dr. Bachman, many states are beginning to model Minnesota's program, which is one of the more highly restrictive in the country. 

Today, Dr. Bachman and Leafline Labs treats a patient roughly every 30 minutes for one of ten qualifying conditions that have been approved by the state. These include individuals with cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tourette's Syndrome, ALS, intractable pain, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis/muscle spasms, epilepsy/seizures, inflammatory bowl disease, and terminal illnesses.   

Enjoy the conversation!

Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • Historical world use of cannabis

  • Hemp plants at Fort Snelling

  • How Minnesotan’s can acquire medical cannabis

  • Leafline Labs' 42,000 sq.-ft. growing facility in Cottage Grove

  • The stigma surrounding cannabis in the US

  • Current clinical research

  • Dr. Bachman's hope to treat patients with PTSD and Autism, among others

  • His horticulture background being a member of the Bachman family

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State of the Union Message:

  • "Inaction is not innocence."