#15: Laughing With Comedy Nerd Justin Severson

Justin Severson (right) with comedian Costaki Economopoulos (left) in front of Acme. 

Justin Severson (right) with comedian Costaki Economopoulos (left) in front of Acme. 

“It’s all about sharing it with somebody.”

To be a nerd essentially means to be an expert in something, which is a perfect way to categorize Justin Severson (@stpaulrockcity), a self-described comedy nerd. Justin is the host of No Laugh Track Podcast, the official podcast for Minneapolis-based Acme Comedy Company, where he interviews headlining comics on a weekly basis.

Justin’s guests are a collection of world-class comedians that have appeared on David Letterman, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Showtime, HBO, Netflix, etc.

The St. Paul native talks about why he thinks comedy is some of the greatest art ever created and also provides us with many of his all-time and current favorite performers.

Justin and I dive into some of the commonalities that he sees in comics (his answers might surprise you) and even offers up a few hilarious stories about some big name comedians.

He talks about how comedy has helped him push through a few rough patches in his own life and discusses the role that comics play in today’s society.

Oh, did I mention this guy really REALLY likes comedy?


Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • How Justin prepares for and conducts his interviews

  • Dane Cook overload

  • Bill Cosby (enough said)

  • The experience of seeing stand-up live

  • Dos and don’ts when going to a comedy club

  • The nice chairs at Acme

  • His go-to first date

  • The upcoming comedy documentary ‘I Need You To Kill

Justin's favorites related to the twin cities:

Favorite Meal Under $15:

  • Large Mostaccioli from Cossettas with two pieces of garlic bread

Favorite Public Space:

Favorite Annual Event:

Most Fascinating Person You Know

  • Louis Lee, the owner of Acme

State of the Union Message:

  • "Stop being assholes to each other."