#22: A Good Kind of Crazy with Jared Kamrowski


“There’s no such thing as a once in a lifetime trip.”

Meet Jared Kamrowski.  Jared recently quit his full-time job as a federal bank examiner to focus solely on his passion project, Thrifty Traveler (@thriftytraveler).

To put it simply, Thrifty Traveler is a website that posts daily flight deals and offers valuable insight on numerous topics including, credit card rewards, traveling on a budget, and many other helpful pieces of money saving content.  

Jared talks about the decision to leave a comfortable career to venture out on his own and what it feels to be his own boss. He walks us through a typical day, which starts around 5 a.m., and how he aggregates daily flight deals for the website and his subscribers.

Jared is also a credit card rewards ninja and he provides us with helpful tips on the traveling hacking game. Over the last several years, he has signed up for more than 100 credit cards and has more points than he knows what to do with.  A few minutes spent exploring his social media will give you an idea of the places that his points have taken him.

We cover many topics in this podcast and I’m sure you will find several gems of useful info that you can apply right away. He even busted a huge travel myth that I regarded as common fact!


Topics mentioned or discussed:

Jared's Favorites in the Twin Cities

Favorite Meal under $15

Favorite Public Space

  • Lake Harriet

Favorite Annual Event

  • Anything Oktoberfest

How Would You Describe the Twin Cities

  • “People who move here stay here."

State of the Union Message

  • The world is a massive place, beautiful place, full of wonderful people, and they might appear different on the first meeting. People are more alike than they are different.  If you just sit in one corner of the world for your entire life, and you never go out and you never see or meet or talk to any of those people ... I think its going to warp your understanding of the world. I think its absolutely essential to be a good person, global citizen, to go out and push yourself out of that comfort zone, live life, take that vacation. Do not be that person in your office that thinks themselves a hero because they didn’t take a vacation last year. "