#21: Handsome hog executive chef Justin Sutherland

“Shirts are for work.”

Justin Sutherland (@jsnaps1084) is the Executive Chef at Handsome Hog (@handsome_hog), which is a contemporary southern restaurant with a pig-centric menu in St. Paul’s trendy Lowertown district.

Handsome Hog opened its doors in March of 2016 and has been rated as one of the top restaurants in the Twin Cities ever since. Justin takes his classical cooking skills and applies it to southern comfort food with a major focus on seasonal ingredients and locally sourced foods. Oh, and more than 100 different bottles of bourbon await you behind the amber glowing bar!

#20: Purple Politics With MinnPost's Briana Bierschbach

Briana Bierschbach (@bbierschbach) is an award-winning journalist currently working for MinnPost (@MinnPost) as a political reporter.

In this episode, Briana gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what its like to cover the people, policy, and purple politics of the Minnesota Legislature. She describes her role at MinnPost as trying to help people make sense of what’s happening at the state capitol, and focusing on the "why" of the story as opposed to the what.

#19: Mickeli Bedore - The Man On Fire 

“There’s nothing worse than regret.”

Have you ever felt that itch to start something new or take a professional risk? If the answer is yes, then I recommend you listen to the story of Mickeli Bedore (@mickelibedore).

Mickeli is the Founder and CEO of Bedore Business Group (@BedoreGroup), which is an outsource sales company that is comprised of highly experienced and talented sales professionals. Mickeli is also the co-founder of an outdoor adventure company called Otium (@OtiumOutdoors).