#25: From Africa to America - The Basil Ajuo Story

“We grew up in a community where people were killed every day.” 

In this episode of Twin Cities Podcast, Mike welcomes Basil Aujo to speak about his incredible journey from Cameroon, Africa to Minnesota.

Basil talks about the realities of growing up in a poor African village with limited resources and little access to healthcare.

Basil was raised by his grandmother who preached the importance of education and community service. Those two pillars serve as a framework for the inspiring life Basil has created for himself in the Twin Cities.


#24: A Product of his own curiosity - Andy George

“It didn’t start with a message, it started with curiosity.”

Andy George is the host and creator of How To Make Everything (HTME), a popular YouTube video channel that features Andy attempting to make everyday items from scratch by hand. What started out as pure curiosity into the components of ordinary products has given Andy a regional Emmy award, an appearance on the Rachel Ray show, and nearly 30 million videos views.



#23: The opportunity Chaser - Shayla Hoheisel

“I think bucket lists are limiting.”

Shayla Hoheisel (IG: @livingonaoneway) is a world traveler, YouTube video blogger, and entrepreneur, but more importantly she is creating the life she wants for herself. And she wants you to do the same.

The Lakeville, Minn., native caught the travel bug a few years ago and decided to take it up full time. After a few months on the road, her friends and family wanted frequent updates so she started a video blog called Living on a One Way. The blog has now exploded to more than 6,000 YouTube subscribers and is closing in on one million views.