#10: MN Cup Winner Deepinder Singh Talks Energy, Autism, & Bourbon Fridays

Photo caption: 75F

Photo caption: 75F

"The path we are on is probably unsustainable."

Deepinder Singh is the CEO of 75F (@75f_oi), which is a massively innovative climate control company. He took home first place at the 2014 MN Cup, the largest state-wide startup competition in the nation, and has presented at Google Demo Days. He was also named a Titan of Technology by the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Business Journal.

The genius behind 75F is its use of sensors and a cloud-based software to maintain comfortable temperature levels in office buildings, save consumers up to 70 percent in energy costs, and increase air quality.

Our conversation took place in 75F headquarters, located in Burnsville, Minnesota, which is hands down the coolest workplace I’ve ever seen.

Deepinder was born and raised in India and has been tinkering with gadgets since the age of four. That obsession turned into a career that brought him to Canada where he was hired by Verizon Wireless as a Network Engineer.  If you use Verizon there is a 95% chance that your data goes over a network that Deepinder built. For real!

Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • Energy conservation and consumption
  • Tips on how we can conserve energy in our every day lives
  • Opinions on higher education
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs
  • His involvement with the Canadian National Shooting Team
  • Successful treatment of autism for his daughter
  • His love/hate relationship with Steve Jobs

deepinder's favorites related to the twin cities:

Favorite Meal Under $15:

Most Fascinating Person(s) You Know:

Favorite Public Space:

Favorite Annual Event:

  • Ice Festival

State of the Union Message:

  • “The resources on this world are not infinite. We need to keep something for the future of our children and the only way we can do that is to cut back on the amount of resources we are using. The path we are on is probably unsustainable.”