#18: Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult


“No revolution can be won with negativity.”

Craig Minowa is a composer and the lead singer of the indie rock band Cloud Cult (@CloudCult), and also the co-founder of Earthology Records.

Cloud Cult has produced 11 albums in two decades, and in 2004, was named Artist of the Year at the Minnesota Music Awards. Earthology Records was the first record label in the U.S. to create 100% postconsumer recycled CD packaging.

In 2002, Craig and his wife Connie unexpectedly lost their two-year old son Kaiden. This tragedy sent the couple into a long period of isolated grieving, where Craig wrote more than 100 songs to deal with the loss. He discusses the realities of this life event, music as a form of personal medicine, and the importance to talk about Kaiden and death in general. 

Craig draws inspiration from “the big picture” issues of life and tries to develop music that recognizes the beauty in everyone and everything. 

Craig and I recorded this interview at Papa Charlie’s in Lutsen, Minnesota, just hours before the band performed live in front of a sell out crowd on Feb. 11, 2017.


Some topics mentioned and discussed:

  • Technology progressing faster than spirituality

  • A music industry drunk with ego

  • Presence and mindfulness

  • How our society lacks the necessary tools to handle and talk about death

  • His frequent wandering into the woods

  • Understanding the purpose of life

craig's favorites related to the twin cities:

Favorite Restaurants

Favorite Public Space

  • Along the Mississippi River near the University of Minnesota

Favorite Annual Event:

Most Fascinating Person You Know

  • Dan Greenwood (former Cloud Cult drummer)

State of the Union Message

  • “We've really got to focus on the unity, love and neighborliness.” 
  • He also referenced Obama's final speech as President