#12: Living and Thriving with Asperger's Syndrome

Photo credit: Chris "Bacon" Tarbox

Photo credit: Chris "Bacon" Tarbox

“Let your freak flag fly.”

Christiaan “Bacon” Tarbox is an award-winning journalist, freelance graphic designer, published musician, and co-creator of a Minneapolis cable access television show (And Now It's). He is all of these impressive things despite being born with Asperger’s Syndrome (ASP).

In the interview, Christiaan provides an in-depth look at what it’s like to live with ASP and how he was able to suppress the many ticks and abnormalities that dominated his childhood. More importantly, he addresses the common misconceptions about ASP and autism that have been perpetuated by popular media for decades.

The Maple Grove native turned a corner in his life after college when he moved to Uptown in Minneapolis at the age of 23. It was in that artistic community that Christiaan found like-minded creators who helped enable his originality. During this monumental period of growth and self-discovery, Christiaan’s ASP regressed so much that it plays only a minor part in his life.

Individuals with autism or ASP are unique in their diagnoses and struggles and Chris strongly emphasizes this fact. He provides loads of great insight that will no doubt help spread truth, awareness, and compassion. This is definitely worth your time!


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