#24: A Product of His Own Curiosity - Andy George


“It didn’t start with a message, it started with curiosity.”

Andy George is the host and creator of How To Make Everything (HTME), a popular YouTube video channel that features Andy attempting to make everyday items from scratch by hand. What started out as pure curiosity into the components of ordinary products has given Andy a regional Emmy award, an appearance on the Rachel Ray show, and nearly 30 million videos views.

Perhaps more fascinating than the success of HTME, is Andy’s back-story and how this once “quiet” and “timid” kid made a conscious decision to redefine himself. He became dissatisfied with how he was living his life and started to make changes.

Take a listen to this remarkable story of transformation, tenacity, and curiosity.

Topics mentioned or discussed:

  • His $1,500 sandwich that went viral

  • Video of Andy falling into a cranberry pit

  • His five-month trip around the world

  • Embracing failure and providing a narrative

  • Active problem solving

  • Raising silk worms in his apartment

  • Stress-induced migraines

  • YouTube and demonetizing content

  • Focus on the platform Patreon

  • Collaboration with Grant Thompson (@thekingofrandom)


Andy's Favorites in the Twin Cities

Favorite Meal under $15

  • Pho 79

Favorite Public Space:

  • Theodore Wirth Park

Favorite Annual Event

  • Northern Spark

State of the Union Message

  • “Open yourself up, be curious, and look into spots you never even thought about.”