#3 Drones with Michael Welsh of Sky Candy Studios

Michael Welsh owns Sky Candy Studios, a local video production company that focuses on aerial photography/videography, and shares his expertise on all things drones.

Michael talks about how he bought his first drone off an impulse buy from Brookstone and then skipping out on college to start his company. We discuss the different industries that benefit from drone technology and how Amazon is investing heavily into drones and its use for delivering packages.

We even talk about one of his best marketing tools which is his vehicle that he calls the "Sky Cube."  I start off the interview with this.  Enjoy!

Some topics and people mentioned:

Favorite Meal Under $15: Haute Dish

Favorite Public Space: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Dinner with Famous Twin Cities Person: Prince and Tom Thibodeau

State of the Union Message: "Drones are not evil"